Passive House: Zero Energy, Carbon Neutral

Zero Energy meets Zero-Clearance

Our new zero-clearance fireplace from Wittus, the Phenix Green, has so many fantastic features that it has its own blog entry here.  We have also just learned that the Phenix Green meets the new European and US Passive House requirements.phenix 120comp

The Passive House is an emerging US building standard that originated in Europe.  Europe has 20,000 Passive Homes, and the EU adopted a resolution to make the Passive House Standard mandatory for all new builds as well as all retrofits as of January 2015.  The Passive House standard defines special requirements for architecture, construction, ecology, and comfort.  A passive house lowers monthly energy expenses and is an environmentally friendly structure.PHDiagram

A zero-energy, a carbon neutral building, a passive house achieves a very high comfort level, with minimal heating in the winter and minimal cooling in the summer.  The very well insulated building insures that the warm interior air is kept in and the cold exterior air is kept out.  Minimization of losses and passive gain of solar energy (heated by solar gain) are the fundamental principles of a passive house.  The energy in a passive house is also supplied by the people living in the house (people produce 1,000 BTUs an hour), cooking, appliances, and other electrical equipment.

Some advantages of a passive house:

  • Sustainable savings for energy and secondary costs
  • Independence from fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal)
  • Better indoor air quality through CO2 and humidity regulation
  • Reduction of internal heat temps through high insulation
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint

The Phenix Green fireplace qualifies for the Passive House requirements by hindering the stored energy from escaping and heating the space when lit.  The Phenix Green fireplace uses 100% outside air when the glass door is closed and does not deplete the inside air supply, fully supporting the Passive House concept.  Visit our Phenix Green page for more information, images, and a video illustrating great features of the Phenix Green zero-clearance fireplace.

For more information on the Passive House visit the Passive House Institute.






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