I Googled wellstones and Monterey Masonry came up. Otherwise it was all about the late Senator from Minnesota. Am I the only one who collects these great old stones? In early New England folks would find a large flat stone, chisel out an 18” hole and lay it over their dugwell, as the old wells are now called. With a wellstone you didn’t always have to stand in the mud and the winter slush to draw water. At some point someone put up four posts and a roof. Later these were enclosed and the well house was born. I’ve collected these wellstones over the years. To me they are an example of the earliest Colonial stone carving and should be viewed as a utilitarian object that is now a piece of sculpture. You might see these as the perfect center piece to an herb garden. For me though they are so special I always envision them standing upright in the landscape to really exhibit their sculptural qualities. Last month a client asked me to design a small fire pit out in her back field. I sketched out a design using a two-piece stone well cover that I have been kind of saving for a few years. You can see the result. Sort of a granite Dubuffet.

We currently have a few wellstones for sale.

(Click on any picture to make it larger)

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