Epic Systems Inc., Campus Two

In 2011 Mark Mendel worked as stone consultant to the Cuningham Group Architects, a firm based in Minneapolis, on a massive undertaking.  Epic Systems Inc., a medical software company, added 4 new buildings to their Galactic Headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin. The project called for approximately 4,800 tons of stone.  In 2012 the Cuningham Group Architects and their team were awarded a prestigious Tucker Design Award, sponsored by the Building Stone Institute, for their work on Epic Campus 2.

Read more about the Tucker Design Award on our blog.

Mendel created a unique mix of sandstone and bluestone which came from about ten different quarry sites in Pennsylvania and New York.  “I found some different stones that would work together and mixed a lot of different colors and cuts.  It is a very large blend as far as color and texture.  The client liked old barns.  The old masons weren’t fussy that every stone match; they just wanted good stones.  That’s kind of what I did.  We put in sandstone that I liked.  The natural face was in the brown range but when we snapped it open it revealed a yellow and almost a blood orange/red.  I think the red really makes the bluestone pop.  The cut stone, the quoins, the copings, the returns, the lintels; we even made stone scuppers to drain the flat roofs.  You can see these pieces in medieval architecture.  This project is a hybrid of contemporary design and ancient techniques.It is an old vocabulary in a 21st century story.
I think people feel an emotional power when you get stone right.”

Below is a gallery of the work in progress as well as some photographs of the finished project.