Landscape Gallery

Monterey Masonry works in concert with landscape designer Ann Brooke to design landscapes, gardens and water features.

A poetic balance of precision, strength, and flow defines Ann Brooke’s design sense. Her interests in symmetry, scale, and sustainability coalesce to create enhanced landscapes.

Informed by her lifelong passion for the natural world, Ann’s designs utilize the concept of controlled informality. Bringing in light, for instance, not artificially, but through stonework, reflections, sunlight and moonlight, Ann’s designs are at once formal and fluid. Her designs evolve out of what nature presents to her, what is already suggested through the natural landscape.  Ann is principal in Ann Brooke Design Inc, a firm offering integrated design services in all aspects of personal, business, and community life. Her company addresses design issues through a network of associates with expertise in specific design fields, including architecture, landscape architecture and design, interior design, engineering, land use and planning, and communications.

For more information about Ann Brooke please visit Ann Brooke Design.

Our hands got this way by doing certain things a long time. The hand must still do those things or it isn’t what it can be.

– Gary Snyder