Wittus H530 and Morsø 5660

 What can you do with a fireplace you hate? It came with the house? It doesn’t draw? It doesn’t throw heat? It sucks all the warm air out of the room? It’s crude? It’s just butt-ugly?

The solution to this might be a fireplace insert. These are made to slide into an existing, code compliant fireplace.

Wittus H530

The H530, our biggest selling Wittus unit, is a Danish-made highly efficient heating unit that meets all EPA standards.

Morsø 5660

Our newest insert, the Morsø 5660 offers the discerning homeowner an unparalleled ‘window of fire’. Clean lines, a huge window and a 4-sided ‘picture-frame’ make the 5660 the epitome of Scandinavian design and function.


Morsø 5660 insert

Wittus H530 Insert with metalwork by owner

Wittus H530 Insert with metalwork by home owner

Although fireplace inserts are meant to slide into any fireplace, we often find that some firebox alteration is required. This is where buying your insert from Monterey Masonry is better than buying one from a stove shop and then going out and looking for a mason. We can take care of any masonry, in-house.

Here are a few examples that show fireplaces before and after the installation of an H530. You can see the issues and how we have dealt with them.  In some cases we completely replaced the fireplace, in others we retrofitted the H530 in the existing fireplace.

Fireplace before

After, with new fireplace and H530 insert

Before H530 Insert

After, with H530 Insert

After, with H530 Insert

Before H530 Insert

After, with H530 Insert

Dutch House before

Dutch House after, with H530 insert

Fieldstone fireplace before

After: Bluestone and H-530 insert. Cupboard lined with zinc for wood storage.