Monterey Masonry’s New Copley Sidewalks®

Timeless Beauty for Garden Walks and Terraces
New Copley Sidewalks Debut in New York City

For years Monterey Masonry has supplied architects and landscape architects with reclaimed bluestone sidewalks.

The patina acquired by 150 years of polishing by rain and shoe leather gives these beautiful hand-cut antique pieces a visual and emotional beauty, as seen in the work of the American impressionist, Childe Hassam (1859 – 1935), who painted the bluestone sidewalks of Boston’s South End in the rain.

The newly quarried bluestone used to fabricate New Copley Sidewalks® is worked through a multi-step process that results in a perfect replication of the beautiful stone sidewalks of the 19th century.

New Copley is now in New York City

1,400 square feet are ready for your review at 165 West 82nd Street at Amsterdam Avenue (showroom hours: 24 / 7 / 365). This installation was a collaboration between Monterey Masonry from Sheffield, MA and Etna Contracting from Brooklyn, NY.

Sidewalk begins at the EXCELLENT 2 Beans coffee shop. These stone sidewalks look like they’ve been there for 150 years. We were able to save 3 of the original pieces. See if you can find them.

Before concrete, New York City sidewalks were:
A. Stone
B. Beautiful
C. All of the above!

In addition to sidewalks and patios, think about using New Copley Sidewalks for:

  • Hearthstones
  • Window and door sills
  • Window and door lintels
  • Quoins
  • Gateposts
  • Fenceposts
  • Pool coping

Now we can provide these timelessly beautiful sidewalks, fabricated by American craftsmen from new quarried stone.

  • Available right now – and all through the year. Yes, available in the winter!
  • Available in the quantities you need. Just let us know the area to be covered.
  • Available in the sizes you specify. Can you spec large 4′ x 5′ or 5′ x 6′ pieces? Yes.
  • Can you spec even larger 8′ x 12′ sizes? Yes.
  • Gardens and terraces? Let your creativity flow, using any size, thickness and quantity you need.
  • Wall Copings? As thick and wide as you need. With weathered tops and weathered rock edges. For a 24″ wall, order 24″ plus your overhang, say 1½” either side, so order 27″ wide.
  • Tell us how many corners you need. 3″ is a classic wall coping thickness. Wall copings are traditional for brick and stone walls.
  • Pool copings? 16″ wide by 2″ thick is standard but it’s your call.
  • Stair treads? Want full rise stone? No problem, all patinated and looking ancient. Have you ever tried to find an old set of steps that fit your requirements?
  • Are you designing for an interior space? We can gauge these down to ¾” or 1”.

Custom pieces? Radius cuts? Send it to us as a CAD drawing and we can fabricate it with these beautiful patinated surfaces.

Since we introduced our New Copley Sidewalks® bluestone slabs at the ASLA Conference in Boston in November 2013, we have provided it for sidewalk replacement in New York City, estate gardens, Brooklyn backyard gardens, pool paving and coping in the Hudson Valley of New York, and as a tennis pavilion floor on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Consider the possibilities for using this stone, either on a small scale project on your own property, or as part of a larger landscape project you’re working on. Then give us a call at 413-229-0475 or send us an email at montereymasonry (at) with pictures and specifications and we’ll work up a quote.

Photo credit for West 82nd Street photos: Paul Rocheleau