Introducing the Phenix Green zero-clearance fireplace:

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phenix 95small
Made in Belgium by Bodart and Gonay and imported by Wittus.  These units offer state-of-the-art technology, high efficiency (up to 82%!), and can burn with the sliding door closed or open.  The heat generated by the Phenix Green can be circulated to heat up to 6 rooms.

The Phenix Green is a beautiful, cutting-edge core that may be adapted to your personal style from 17th to 21st century décor.

Phenix Green meets new European and U.S. Passive House requirements.

The Passive House standard defines special requirements for architecture, construction, ecology, and comfort. The goal of the Passive House is to lower monthly energy expenses and create an environmentally friendly structure.

The Phenix Green Fireplaces qualify for Passive House Requirements by hindering the stored energy from escaping and heating the space when lit. The Phenix Green fireplace uses 100% outside air when the door is closed and does not deplete the inside air supply, fully supporting the Passive House concept.  To learn about Passive House requirements and all of the benefits, click here.

Features of the Phenix Green Fireplace:

•    The unique open & closed door technology allows the user to enjoy the fire in an eco-friendly way. The seamless frame gives the appearance of an open hearth with the door is open. This concept is in line with the airtightness of a passive home.
•    The Phenix Green Fireplace series comes in four sizes (75, 85, 95 and 120).  This flexibility enables the Phenix Green to be incorporated into any design.  For example: placing the unit against an existing wall, in the center of a room or as room divider, on a side wall, or built into a corner.  Wood storage can be built on the side or underneath for easy access.
•    The zero-clearance firebox and retractable door mechanism (above the firebox) is designed as one complete unit.
•    The window flips out from the top for easy cleaning.
•    The Phenix Green series has the ability to vent heat into a total of up to six rooms.
•    A built-in thermostat keeps the room temperature regulated and the ducts damper down accordingly.
•    Low CO2 and particulate emissions stay on track with better air quality and humidity regulation .  This is one of the main features of a passive house.

You can download the Phenix Green catalog here, and call us for more information at (413) 229-0475.