Primo Grills and Smokers

Primo Oval XL

Monterey Masonry is the Berkshire (MA) and Litchfield (CT) Counties dealer of Primo Grills and Smokers.

Primo Grills and Smokers




The only ceramic cooker made in the USA, the Primo offers exceptional hand-made quality. It’s patented oval shape gives you the finest, most efficient and largest cooking surface on the market today.

The natural wood lump charcoal used in the Primo is not only economical but is also eco-friendly. It contains no chemicals, produces little ash and is environmentally sustainable. When you’re finished cooking you simply close the Primo’s lid and vents, and there’s plenty of charcoal left for the next time you cook!

Based on the 2000 year-old Japanese “Kamado” cooker, the Primo allows you to bake, roast, smoke and grill for the ultimate culinary experience! With three-inch thick ceramic walls that provide perfect moisture and heat retention, you will take your cooking to the moon!

A note from Mark:

‘I first tasted the juicy smoky goodness of a Primo meal at Maria Nation’s house. Again and again Maria knocks out her guests and then pushes away their compliments with “Oh that’s just the Primo, it’s amazing.”

When I got my Primo I couldn’t believe how great everything tasted. That thick ceramic dome keeps the moisture in as you smoke your food. And when you bring your platter to the table the wow factor is huge.

Now we’re selling the Primo. So, after we build you a fantastic stone terrace we can install this smokin’ piece of culinary art.’

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