Antique Stone and Architectural Treasures
Monterey Masonry, located in southwestern Massachusetts, searches constantly for antique and hard-to-find stone elements for your home and garden. We have dismantled colonial fireplaces which you may reconstruct in your new or antique home. We have hearth stones, cheek stones, lintels, steps, landings, gateposts, wall copings, columns, bollards, and singular pieces like original New England millstones and well stones. We have pallets of rare stones for chimneys, walls, veneers, terraces and pathways.

We sell to garden designers, architects, masons, and individual clients.

Below is a sampling of some of the treasures in our stone yard. Our newly added items appear at the top – check back often to see what’s new!

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Antique fireplace parts. (5212)

Antique fireplace parts. (5212) The fireplace and hearth were the center of the colonial home. We have complete dismantled fireplaces on hand, including hearth, mantle, lintel, cheek stones, bake oven lintels, & sills. Each is unique.

Antique fireplace parts. (5213)

Antique fireplace parts (5213). Original 18th c. fireplace. These would work in new homes as well as in a restoration. Perhaps you have purchased an 18th century home and you can see that a fireplace has been removed. Now you can recreate it with these original parts.