Morsø Stoves come to the Berkshires and Litchfield County.

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Monterey Masonry is now your dealer for the Morsø line of wood stoves. Morsø is a 150+ year old company in Denmark renowned for its beautiful iron cast stoves of both classic and contemporary European design.

What you get when you purchase a Morsø stove:

    • Quality European iron casting and manufacture.
    • Clean burning – meets European and US EPA standards for particulate emissions.
    • Efficient – meets EPA standards: 75% or higher efficiency. 21st century technology means “get more heat, burn less wood”. No creosote.
    • Affordable – competitively priced but NOT made in a 3rd world country where workers are exploited. Denmark has the world’s 7th highest standard of living.
    • Entrancing – large glass doors stay clear as secondary gas burns away soot.
    • Green – 98% of cast iron construction materials are recycled, packaging materials are recycled; 80% of manufacturing energy consumption is from renewal sources, mainly wind.
    • Heat – up to 48,000 BTU per hour.

2B-classic2-e13777846547012B Classic:  Classic design from the 1930s, first seen in the US during the 1970s oil crisis/wood stove boom. Classic on the outside but completely new on the inside with the cleanest, most efficient wood burning technology. By the way, I don’t remember the glass viewing door in the 70s – that’s also new.7990_med_braendemagasin_frit_cmyk


7990 with log store: A modern sculpture that will enhance the aesthetics of its surroundings, a combination of beauty and function.




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