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Monterey Masonry is the dealer of Wittus Stoves and Fireplaces for Berkshire (MA), Columbia (NY), Dutchess (NY), and Litchfield (CT) counties.

Shaker Short Bench Stove by Wittus

Wittus stoves offer an efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional fireplaces.  Behind their sleek beauty lies an advanced, sophisticated burning system which has set new standards in the field of wood and gas burning.  Take, for example, the Twinfire series, wood stoves which utilize a double-chambered burning compartment, ensuring the cleanest heat efficient burn from the wood (an amazing 93% efficient!).

The Wittus Stoves and Fireplaces combine modern, European styling with state-of-the-art technology to provide a stylish alternative to high priced coal and heating oil with maximum heating capability that is EPA certified, cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

Looking for the newest in energy efficient, eco-friendly zero-clearance fireplaces?  The Phenix Green by Bodart and Gonay is the one to choose!

Have an existing fireplace and can’t stand it? Take a look at the H530 Insert and see how you can transform your existing, tired old fireplace into something fresh and enjoyable!

Tax Credit:

The thermal efficiency of most Wittus – Fire by Design woodburning stoves has been determined to be greater than 75%, and complies with the tax credit guidance published by the US Internal Revenue Service on June 1, 2009 (Notice 2009-53).  For the 2013 extension, the purchase price of these stoves can qualify for a dollar for dollar tax credit up to a maximum of $300.

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