Who We Are

Mark Mendel
Mark Mendel has been an innovator in stonework for over 20 years. He began his career in Maine apprenticing with master masons Merton Reynolds and Guy Leeman and has since traveled the country designing and building in stone and brick. A master now himself, he is a mentor, teacher, lecturer, and founder of Monterey Masonry. He encourages the use of period materials and historic techniques in both 18th century restoration and in his 21st century designs. In addition to his masonry, Mark is a poet, a sculptor and Zen Buddhist.
Public Art
“Before I was a mason I was an artist. I started writing poetry in high school and by 1975 I was painting my poems on barns in Maine and walls in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I built poems in neon, towed poems through the sky with airplanes and flashed poems on a billboard in Times Square. Was I a poet or visual artist? I have always felt corralled by labels and categories. Visual artist. Craftsman. Mason. Sculptor. Poet. Artisan. To me it is only my work and when it overflows one category and spills into another, so what?” …Mark Mendel

The Masons
The masons of Monterey Masonry have a combined experience of over 100 years in the various aspects of the craft.  Before graduating up to the full status of “mason” many have served an extended apprenticeship with Mark and all of his masons are expected to share a commitment to excellence and a respect for the traditional ways of working in stone.  Many of the masons have been with Monterey Masonry for over fifteen years.
Ann Brooke
Monterey Masonry works in concert with landscape designer Ann Brooke to design landscapes, gardens and water features.