Building Stone Magazine, Spring 2012

The entire article is in our blog post “Winning the Tucker Design Award.”

“For the ‘Orchid’ Lady, a Design Hothouse”

Monterey Masonry’s work was featured in this article in the New York Times and you can see and hear a multimedia slideshow here.

“They also wanted something harder to define: a house with surprising details.

Over the next two years, Mr. Cutler, a meticulous architect who is obsessive about detail, obliged, developing what he calls the “choreography” of the house. …
Mr. Cutler began with the entrance, a long, narrow passage running from the driveway to the front door, bordered by carefully laid stone walls whose colors shade from gray to taupe to a chalky-white.”

Monterey Masonry’s work has appeared in the following publications:Berkshire MagazineNew England Home Early American Life

House & Garden

Cottage Living

Berkshire Living

Berkshire Living Home + Garden


Structure Magazine

Our Berkshire Green Magazine

Mark Mendel’s article “Thoughts on Green Masonry” was published on the Winder 2009-2010 issue of Our Berkshire Green magazine. Read the pdf online here (scroll down to page 22.

Read Mark Mendel’s article “Historic Masonry Restoration” online here.

Garden Design Magazine

Monterey Masonry’s pizza oven was featured in this article from Garden Design Magazine in their October 2011 issue.  You can read even more about it and see the work-in-progress here, in Maria Nation’s bake oven journal.

New England Antiques Journal‘s “Artisan Showcase”:
“Monterey Masonry:  Working Stone the Old-Fashioned Way”

“…my mission was to find Mark Mendel at Monterey Masonry, an artisan who still does things the old fashioned way.  He and his staff work with stone as a way of life…”